About me

Music career:

Master of Music (Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia-Rome)

Bachelor of Music (Conservatorium Van Amsterdam)

My profession:

Classical Performance

Electronic Music Performance – Live Sets with Ableton Live + DJ Sets

Music Production (Downtempo/ Organic/Ambient Electronic Music)

Online teaching

Bea Andrés – Foxglove

Professional cellist

Music producer

Live performer/DJ.

Foxglove is the artistic name of Bea Andrés – professional cellist, music producer & DJ. She was born in Barcelona and began her music studies in the same city.

Later on continued her musical career in Amsterdam, a city where she had studied, lived and worked as a professional classical musician for eight years before going back to her hometown in June 2019.

Dialogue classical – Electronic music

Her work mixes Downtempo & Organic Electronica with the Cello as a main voice. The strongest influences for me are Mediterranean/Southern music, together with Ambient & Minimal music.

Electronic music

  • DeDO Barcelona
  • Mutek Festival (BCN)
  • Bala Perduda Sala Apolo (BCN)
  • #WeAreEquals Academy at Bridge Studio 48 (BCN)
  • Las Pibas Producen (BCN)
  • Ameba (BCN)
  • Beats by Girlz (BCN)

Cello (Classical Music)

  • Holland Music Sessions (NL)
  • Cello Biennale Amsterdam (NL)
  • Aurora Music Festival (SE)
  • Pan Calefax (Amsterdam)
  • Zutphen Cello Festival (NL)
  • Schiermonnikoogfestival (NL)
  • Festival 100Cellos (IT)
  • Festival Violoncellistico Alfredo Piatti (IT)
  • Intercontinental Ensemble (NL)
  • Ensemble Novecento (IT)
  • Soleil Duo (NL)
  • Artem Trio (guest – ES)
  • OCM (BCN)
  • Fuster Trio (BCN)
  • Kaimos Trio (NL)